A rare opportunity

I highly recommend the Garden Club of Virginia Research Fellowships to any student interested in landscape architecture history. The fellowships provide a rare opportunity to develop an extensive range of landscape history research skills under the supervision of a dedicated, engaged, and knowledgeable team.
Through the fellowship research, I expanded my knowledge of both archive and site research techniques, as well as the possible interplay between these methods. I was delighted to realize the amount of information one could extract from relatively few documents when carefully paired with each other and with site research. The presentations and final report provided me a worthwhile exercise in both synthesizing information from many sources, as well as in presenting a site history in conversation with those histories already existing. While the fellowships are focused on Virginia’s landscape history, the knowledge and skills I gained are applicable well beyond this specific context.
Everyone involved from the Garden Club of Virginia and Rieley and Associates were extremely generous with their knowledge. The wide range of expertise they brought to the discussions greatly enriched the experience. I am very grateful for the chance to have worked under their guidance.

Krista Reimer, 2017 Rieley Fellow
Westover Plantation, Charles City County


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