“…to build a comprehensive record of Virginia’s important historic gardens and landscapes”

2021 Fellowship Program cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Program will resume next year.


Spend three months of independent study in Virginia researching an important historic site.

Document and Publish

Compile research documentation, drawings and historical archives to create a comprehensive site record.
Publish credited comprehensive paper upon conclusion of fellowship.


$8,000 plus compensation for project related lodging and travel expenses.

About the GCV Fellowship Program

In a continuing effort to build a comprehensive record of historic gardens, the Garden Club of Virginia offers graduate level fellowships in areas relating to Landscape Architecture and Historic Preservation.

Why apply?

  • Expand career opportunities under the guidance of professional landscape architects at Rieley & Associates.
  • Travel to historic Virginia sites and gain valuable fieldwork experience.
  • Publish final report in the Garden Club of Virginia’s growing record of historic gardens, available in Scribd at the GCV Historic Garden Collection.