2017 Fellowships

Historic Landscape Research Fellowships   Apply by March 20

2017 Rudy J. Favretti Fellow
Kathleen Conti
Berkeley Plantation
Charles City, VA

Kathleen Conti is the 2017 Favretti Fellow for Berkeley Plantation in Charles City. Kathleen received a Master’s in Historic Preservation this year at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also pursuing a Doctorate in Architecture at the same school, and expects to receive her PhD in 2020. She has all but her dissertation for a PhD in History at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a MA in Russian & Eastern European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BA in History at Randolph College.

University of Texas at Austin – Masters of Historic Preservation (2017); University of Texas – PhD in Architecture (2020); University of Wisconsin-Madison – ABD PhD in History (2015); UNC @ Chapel Hill – MA in Russian & E. European Studies (2013); Randolph College (Lynchburg) – BA in History (2011)

One of the “first great estates in America,” Berkeley Plantation is the site of the first official Thanksgiving, the birthplace of “Taps”, and the ancestral home of Benjamin Harrison V, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his son, William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States.

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2017 William D. Rieley Fellow
Krista Reimer
Westover Plantation
Charles City, VA

Krista Reimer is the 2017 Rieley Fellow for Westover Plantation in Charles City. Krista is a Master’s candidate in Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a MSc and a BSc in Mathematics.

University of Pennsylvania – 3rd year of 3, Masters of Landscape Design (2018); McGill University – MSc – Mathematics (2015); University of Manitoba – BSc- Mathematics (2013)

After the landing of the colonists at Jamestown in 1607, a private English company undertook to settle lands farther upstream along the James River. Such settlements were known as “Hundreds”. Included among the leaders of these settlers were John Rolfe, husband of Pocahontas, and three brothers of Lord De La Warr, the first Colonial Governor of Virginia- Francis, John and Nathaniel West.

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